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Eliminating Wasps and Other Stinging Insects in Reno Homes and Yards

Wasps are a common type of stinging insect that frequently nest in and around homes. In addition to being a general nuisance, some species can be extremely aggressive toward humans when they feel threatened, and their stings can require medical attention, especially if a victim is allergic to wasp venom. Taking prompt action at the first signs of a wasp infestation can help prevent these and other unfortunate consequences. 

At Bold Servicing, we are committed to keeping your home pest-free. Our comprehensive and convenient Reno wasp control services rely on advanced, eco-friendly treatments that work to eliminate infestations and keep your home safe from stinging insects. We are familiar with how to effectively approach a wide range of infestation scenarios and are ready to craft a custom solution tailored to your unique situation. No matter what you are dealing with, we are confident we can help. 

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Are Wasps Dangerous in Reno?

Wasps play an important role in the Nevada ecosystem, but they can pose a serious threat to the health and safety of your pets and loved ones if they find their way into your home or yard. Though these stinging insects are not inherently malicious, they are aggressively territorial and will attack if they feel threatened. 

A single wasp may not seem dangerous, but swatting one away can result in them releasing pheromones that summon its nestmates. A group of wasps may then target you and continue to attack in a bid to protect themselves and their nest. A wasp sting will be painful and unpleasant to begin with, but stings can become lethal when inflicted in large numbers in a short amount of time, even if someone is not allergic.

Some people are allergic to wasp venom and can suffer severe, life-threatening reactions when stung. What many people do not realize is that an individual may become allergic to wasp venom after being stung, even if there is no initial reaction. This can make subsequent stings far more dangerous.

Because wasps have the potential to cause significant harm, do not ignore their presence in your yard or home. You should also not attempt to remove wasps yourself, as, again, any effort to remove a wasp or even come near a nest can trigger a wave of attacks. Professional intervention will likely be necessary, and our Reno wasp control services can help you safely remove these troublesome pests. 

Why Do I Have a Wasp Problem in My Reno Home or Yard?

Wasps look for areas that provide them with ample food and water as well as sufficient nesting materials. Your home may become a target if your yard is filled with flowers, flowering plants, trees, and bushy shrubs. This plant life provides nectar and sap to wasps, which may subsequently look to set up permanent residence. Moist or rotting wood, including dying trees, can provide them with the materials they need to build their nests.

Where Will I Find Wasps in My Reno Home or Yard?

When found outdoors, wasps often build their nests in overhangs, meaning you should be cautious when examining the edges of your roof, the undersides of tree branches, and in and around your shed. Some species may also conceal their nests within cavities of your home. They are looking for warm, dry areas, so they may find their way into your attic, into your garage, between your walls, or in cracks or holes present on the exterior of your home. They are more likely to nest indoors if they have access to sustenance, such as garbage or unsealed food.

How Can I Get Rid of Wasps in My Reno Home or Yard?

If you spot a wasp nest, do not assume you can take care of the problem yourself. Elimination strategies that may seem sound on paper can end up causing bigger problems. For example, if you have reason to believe a nest has formed within a hole in your home’s façade, you should not simply seal up the hole. This will trap the wasps inside without a clear way to exit, agitating them and forcing them to chew through wood within your home. 

Turn to experienced professionals when you are dealing with wasps or stinging insects of any kind. Our team at Bold Servicing understands that these infestations are stressful, especially if you are worried about the safety of your children or pets. Our full suite of Reno wasp control services includes responsive support, meaning we are prepared to come to you at your convenience and administer solutions that quickly (and safely) remove these pests from your property. We are honest, hard-working professionals who will tailor our approach to suit the circumstances of the infestation, all while protecting your property and loved ones. 

How Can I Keep Wasps Out of My Home and Yard in the Future?

Once a troublesome wasp nest has been removed, you should also take additional steps to reduce the possibility of wasps returning in the future. We offer preventative pest control treatment plans, customized to your property’s risk factors, that will work to keep your home and yard wasp-free all year round.

To keep wasps from nesting in and around your property, you should:

  • Patch, fill in, and seal holes and cracks present on the exterior of your home (after any existing nests have been removed)
  • Reduce the number of flowers and flowery plants in your yard, especially those nearest your home
  • Trim vegetation regularly, particularly flowery bushes
  • Clean up food promptly, placing leftovers in your fridge or airtight containers in your pantry
  • Take out your garbage regularly and only store trash in sealed containers
  • Repair plumbing leaks and moisture buildups immediately after you notice them 

You should never have to worry about wasps in your home or yard. Our professionals are ready to restore your peace of mind, so call (775) 522-4695 or contact us online today.

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