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Eliminating Spider Infestations in Reno Homes and Yards

Spiders are eight-legged arachnids that play a key part in our ecosystem, controlling the populations of other troublesome pests while protecting many types of plant life from harm. As important as they are, we do not want spiders in our homes, especially considering some species are venomous and can hurt you, your children, and your pets. 

If you find multiple spiders in your home and suspect you may be dealing with an infestation, Bold Servicing can provide the responsive, results-oriented pest control services you need to eliminate these often-frightening pests. We are family-owned-and-operated, and our hard-working professionals are prepared to implement comprehensive, custom solutions tailored to your situation and needs. Our Reno spider control treatments are eco-friendly and not harmful to humans or pets, meaning you can rest easy knowing your home or business will soon be safe from arachnid intruders. 

We offer fast, convenient assistance with infestations of all scales and types, so do not hesitate to call (775) 522-4695 or contact us online if you think you may have a spider problem. 

Are Spiders Dangerous in Reno?

While the movies and media have historically portrayed spiders as some of the most sinister and intimidating pests, the reality is that many species of spiders are harmless, even if they bite you. However, there are certain species that may pose more of a threat, especially to small children and pets.

Five of the most common spiders encountered in Reno are:

  • Wolf spiders. Wolf spiders may have a gray, brown, black, or tan pigment with dark markings. They will typically flee when approached, and bites are generally not a major issue beyond some minor pain and itchiness. 
  • Sac spiders. Sac spiders are known to roam Nevada homes and have light yellow bodies. Their bites can cause skin tissue damage, so if you spot one, stay away.
  • Orb spiders. Orb spiders are orange, black, brown, and hairy, making them more unpleasant to look at than other species. Despite their appearance, they are non-toxic and facilitate pest control. 
  • Brown recluse spiders. Brown recluse spiders have brown or tan bodies, and their bites are venomous, potentially causing skin tissue damage.
  • Black widow spiders. Many people have heard about “black widows” and associate them with danger. This fear is warranted: These spiders’ bites are extremely venomous and pose a significant health risk to dogs, cats, children, and elderly loved ones. They have black bodies with red hourglass markings on their backs. 

Even when a spider species is not necessarily dangerous, you do not want them crawling around or laying eggs in your home. Dispatching these pests often requires professional intervention, so do not wait to explore our Reno spider control solutions if you discover evidence of an infestation.

Where Will I Find Spiders in My Reno Home?

Many spiders prefer to live outdoors in grassy areas where they have access to ample food and water. Some species prefer indoor environments, while others find their way into homes in pursuit of insects and other prey. 

When wolf spiders get indoors, they tend to lurk in the bottom of closets, behind baseboards, or under furniture. Sac spiders typically dwell in in the corners of ceilings or walls when they are not hunting insects. Orb spiders are more likely to stay outside and build webs affixed to your home or elements of your garden, though they can sometimes wander inside. Brown recluse spiders can often be found in unpleasantly surprising places, including cardboard boxes, piles of clothing, shoes, bedding, and furniture. Black widows prefer dark spaces like closets, crawlspaces, and garages.

How Can I Get Rid of Spiders in My Reno Home or Yard?

When you encounter a single spider inside, you may be able to catch and release it outside. If you think the spider could be venomous and you are afraid of losing track of it before help arrives, keep your distance and attempt to kill it using a spray. Getting too close in an effort to step on it or catch it may give it an opportunity to bite you. 

Multiple spiders or the presence of a nest suggest a larger infestation that will require professional help. At Bolder Servicing, we know discovering spiders in your home can be nightmarish, especially if you or anyone in your family suffers from arachnophobia. Our full suite of Reno spider control services can effectively handle spiders of all species and infestations of all scales. Our team will thoroughly examine your home and can often spot problems that others do not, allowing us to facilitate comprehensive solutions that get the job done right the first time. We are confident we can remove these pests from your home and restore your peace of mind.

How Can I Keep Spiders Out of My Home and Yard in the Future?

We are happy to walk you through our annual pest control treatment plans that are designed to preventatively keep your property free of unwanted spiders. There are also several steps you can take to keep spiders doing what they do best – but away from your home. 

To discourage spiders from taking up residence in your home, you should:

  • Clear spiderwebs whenever you encounter them, as destroying webs compels spiders to travel elsewhere
  • Replace outdoor white lights with LED or color lights, which are less appealing to the insects that spiders hunt
  • Reduce the amount of vegetation located near your home
  • Patch and seal any gaps, cracks, or holes in your home’s foundation or near doors or windows
  • Clean your home regularly, clearing piles of clothes or clutter that spiders love to hide in
  • Keeping food and garbage that may attract ants and other insects in sealed containers, as spiders are less likely to stay in a home if there is not a consistent food source 

Seeing spiders around your home but not sure if you have an infestation? Contact us online or call (775) 522-4695 to discuss your concerns with us.

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