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Eliminating Mosquito Infestations in Reno Homes and Yards

Mosquitos are more than annoying flying insects whose bites leave behind unsightly, itchy bumps. They are also dangerous pests that are notorious for spreading harmful diseases to humans and pets. Encountering mosquitos is inevitable in warmer environments, but if you discover signs of a possible infestation in or near your home, you should not wait to seek professional assistance.

At Bold Servicing, we make it our mission to keep your home free of mosquitos and other pests. We are a family-owned-and-operated pest control company that is committed to providing fast response times and premium services. Our Reno mosquito control solutions are completely customizable to your needs, and we will work closely with you to answer your questions and ensure you are satisfied with our approach. Our advanced, eco-friendly methods allow us to spot problems that others miss, allowing us to implement more effective treatments that get the job done right the first time.

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Are Mosquitos Dangerous in Reno?

While mosquitos are not physically intimidating or difficult to kill, they are dangerous due to the illnesses they can transmit. In fact, mosquitos are considered one of the most dangerous insects worldwide due to their role in the spread of severe diseases. Mosquitos act as “carriers” when they bite an infected host (such as a human or animal) and then subsequently bite another host, transmitting the disease pathogen.

Mosquitos have been known to carry:

  • Dengue
  • Chikungunya 
  • Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE)
  • Malaria
  • Saint Louis encephalitis (SLE)
  • West Nile virus (WNV)
  • Zika virus

Mosquito bites can cause adverse health consequences in both humans and pets. For example, these pests can transfer parasitic tapeworms, a fatal condition if left untreated, to cats and dogs.

You should make every effort to avoid the risk of mosquito bites by using effective insect repellants and wearing long-sleeved clothing that covers as much of your skin as possible. Even these preventative measures may not be enough to avoid frequent bites if an infestation develops on your property, however. Our Reno mosquito control services work to quickly remove these unwanted, dangerous guests and restore safety to your home. 

Why Do I Have a Mosquito Problem in My Reno Home or Yard?

Mosquitos are drawn to warm temperatures and precipitation. Though Nevada experiences cooler months that are less conducive to mosquito activity, these pests still typically emerge from April through September. Rainier and warmer conditions can lead to larger populations and increased activity, even outside the usual “mosquito season.”

Mosquitos usually rely on standing water to breed, meaning you are more likely to find them in your yard or home if your property has containers and areas that naturally accumulate rainwater, such as:

  • Buckets
  • Clogged rain gutters
  • Flowerpots
  • Leaf piles
  • Pits or low-lying areas
  • Tarps
  • Trashcan lids
  • Tree stumps

Mosquitos are more likely to become a problem if your property contains or is located near swamps, ponds, or wetlands. Wooded areas and dense vegetation can also raise the likelihood of an infestation.

Where Will I Find Mosquitos in My Reno Home or Yard?

Mosquitos often lay their eggs in standing water, but they can also make their way indoors. If you are noticing mosquitos in and around your home, you should check for signs of breeding under your sinks, in your showers, around your laundry room, and in any other moist, humid, and dark location. The breeding may also be occurring in your yard, so examine your property for any areas with stagnant water, including your gutters. Keep in mind that mosquitos are more likely to come out at night, though they can also be active during the day in shadier, darker areas. 

Mosquitos could take up residence before you routinely spot the pests, so you should also be aware of the following signs of an infestation:

  • The presence of a constant, high-pitched buzzing noise in your home and around your property
  • Multiple unexplained mosquito bites, keeping in mind these pests may feed while you are asleep
  • Constant itchiness, which may suggest mosquitos are biting you without your knowledge
  • Mosquitos lurking near food in your kitchen or pantry

How Can I Get Rid of Mosquitos in My Reno Home or Yard?

A few mosquitos may not initially seem like a big deal, but these pests reproduce in large numbers. A female mosquito can lay hundreds of eggs at one time, so if you do not promptly address a possible infestation, the situation could rapidly get out of hand. At Bold Servicing, we are ready to come to the rescue and help you promptly combat and remove infestations of all scales. We understand dealing with mosquitos can be frustrating and anxiety-inducing, but you can rest easy knowing our hard-working employees are committed to protecting your interests and getting the job done correctly. Our Reno mosquito control treatments are pet-friendly and leverage proven, quality products, giving your home the powerful solutions and protection needed to restore peace of mind. 

How Can I Keep Mosquitos Out of My Reno Home or Yard in the Future?

Because mosquito activity spikes seasonally, you will always need to be on the lookout for pests when the weather gets warmer and wetter. We offer annual treatment plans that work to protect you, your loved ones, and your pets by keeping your property mosquito-free year-round. These plans are customizable and can be tailored to suit your property’s unique needs.

There are also several prevention tips you should follow to reduce the odds of new mosquito infestations:

  • Clean your gutters regularly and remove debris that can cause clogs and stagnant water buildup
  • Repair and modify low-lying areas of your yard to prevent puddles from forming
  • Use trashcans with sealed lids
  • Store buckets and other containers that may collect rainwater in your garage or shed when not in active use
  • Trim and limit dense vegetation in your yard
  • Treat your swimming pool, ornamental pool, or any other water feature with the appropriate chemicals 
  • Avoid leaving doors or windows open for longer than necessary, and repair any holes or gaps in window screens 

Concerned about mosquitos on your property? Give us a call at (775) 522-4695 or contact our team online today.

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