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Eliminating Cockroach Infestations in Reno Homes 

Cockroaches are nasty pests that frequently invade homes, particularly properties with ample food and moist areas. The American cockroach, brown-banded cockroach, German cockroach, and oriental cockroach can all potentially be found in Reno homes. In addition to being revolting, all types of cockroaches pose a serious health risk to you, your children, and your pets, so you should not wait to partner with a professional if encounter them. 

Our hard-working, qualified professionals at Bold Servicing are dedicated to helping you swiftly eliminate cockroach infestations and restore your peace of mind. We are a family-owned-and-operated pest control company that puts people first, making it our mission to remove uninvited guests from our community’s homes and businesses. Our Reno cockroach control solutions use eco-friendly, pet-safe products and treatments that can be customized to your property’s needs. We will walk you through how the process will work, answer your questions, and give you the information you need to be confident in our approach to your cockroach problem. Your comfort and satisfaction are our main priorities, and you can count on us to get the job done right the first time.

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Are Cockroaches Dangerous in Reno?

Unexpectedly encountering a cockroach in your kitchen or bathroom is always a frightening and unpleasant experience, but these insects are more than just disgusting nuisances. After picking up pathogens from garbage and animal carcasses, cockroaches can spread a wide variety of serious illnesses, including E. coli, dysentery, salmonellosis, and various parasites. Worse still, their excrement and shed skin can activate skin and respiratory allergies, and young children exposed to an infestation may be more likely to develop asthma. 

Because cockroaches can reproduce quickly, an infestation can rapidly take root and spin out of control. You may go from dealing with a handful of cockroaches to hundreds of pests roaming around surfaces and food. When you call upon our Reno cockroach control services as soon as you begin to notice these insects, we can nip an infestation in the bud before it gets worse. We are also prepared to combat enormous infestations that grew before you became aware of them. 

Why Do I Have a Cockroach Problem in My Reno Home?

Many people associate cockroaches with dirty, unhygienic homes, but these pests often find their way into perfectly clean indoor environments. With that said, cockroaches are attracted to locations with food, moisture, and hiding spots, meaning a cluttered, filthy home is probably more likely to have pests than a well-maintained home. 

Cockroaches look for food sources, which may include crumbs, scraps, food left out overnight, pet food, and even exposed garbage. A dirty kitchen is thus likely to be a hotspot for roaches. 

Roaches also prefer moist areas, so they gravitate toward damp spaces created by leaky sinks, faucets, pipes, and gutters. Any home with plumbing problems is more likely to attract these pests.

Cockroaches are invasive and typically enter homes through gaps around doors and windows, vents, and drains. They may also hitch rides in boxes or on furniture. This is often how roaches are introduced to cleaner homes that “do everything right:” Even if you frequently clean your kitchen, avoid clutter, and promptly address plumbing issues, a cockroach may be able to start an infestation if they enter via something you or someone else brings into your home. 

Where Will I Find Cockroaches in My Reno Home?

After finding a single cockroach wandering around your kitchen or bathroom, you will most likely be rightfully concerned that more are hiding just out of sight. To start, you should carefully inspect warm and moist areas of your home, including your bathroom (particularly in and around showers and under sinks), kitchen (again, under sinks, but also in your pantry, behind your refrigerator, and in cupboards and cabinetry). While it can be unpleasant to think about, there is also a good chance that cockroaches may be hiding in piles of clutter, including clothing. Cockroaches may even find their way into your furniture, electronics, and other nooks and crannies located throughout your home. 

Even if you do not see any cockroaches, other warning signs may signal their presence, such as:

  • An unusual musty odor
  • Excrement that resembles pepper or coffee grounds
  • Brown smear marks on walls, floors, cabinetry, and appliances 
  • Shed skin (usually left behind near walls)
  • Discarded eggs, which may be white or brown

How Can I Get Rid of Cockroaches in My Reno Home?

Cockroaches are notorious for their durability and ability to survive extreme conditions, including up to a month without sustenance. Though the myth that squashing a roach will release its eggs is false, crushing one of these pests is unlikely to solve your problem if an infestation has already spread. To fully eliminate a pest invasion, you will likely need to call on a seasoned Reno cockroach control professional, like those at Bold Servicing. We offer fast response times and customizable solutions tailored to your circumstances. No matter the extent of the infestation, we will work quickly to remove the roaches and take steps to prevent them from returning.

How Can I Keep Cockroaches Out of My Reno Home in the Future?

Our comprehensive suite of services includes annual pest control treatment plans designed to keep your home roach-free all year. If you have yet to deal with a cockroach infestation, there are also several proactive things you can do to make your home less attractive to these pests. 

To prevent roaches from making their way into your home, you should:

  • Reduce clutter by cleaning up piles of clothing, garbage, and other materials whenever possible
  • Inspect new pieces of furniture, deliveries, potted plants, and other items for roaches before bringing them into your home
  • Cover vents and other access points into your home whenever possible
  • Seal any gaps, cracks, or openings present in your home’s exterior or around its doors or windows
  • Wash dishes promptly and put away leftover food in your fridge or sealed containers
  • Address plumbing problems immediately, particularly any leaky pipes or faucets
  • Use dehumidifiers to reduce humidity in especially moist areas

Contact us online or call (775) 522-4695 to learn more about our premium treatments and what we can do to help you get roaches out of your home. 

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